Wellness in Cserkeszőlő

What is wellness?


Wellness is a set of health-preserving programs, the aim of which is to relax everyday stress and fatigue, to soothe and develop the body and mind, which serve the development of the quality of life, physique and well-being. Harmonization of the body, external and internal rejuvenation, a positive outlook on life, a long life, and a program appropriate to the control zone, or strengthening the advantages and eliminating the disadvantages of a given age, are all achievable goals with a well-designed wellness program.

Cserkeszőlő wellness: the way to a healthier lifestyle


The parts of the wellness (gymnastics, healthy eating, swimming, fitness, massage, etc.) can be integrated into everyday life, and a hotel treatment provides a good basis for this.

To purify the beauty of life, it is essential to purify the body and soul. We will help you soothe your mental tension and soothe your body and soul.

Royal Hotel Cserkeszőlő: Our wellness services


Pamper yourself in our hotel! The wellness area of ​​the Royal Hotel Cserkeszőlő awaits its guests who want to relax and rejuvenate every day of the week.



There is a 6-person and a three-person jacuzzi for our guests. In the whirlpool, you can enjoy a massage of the inflowing compressed air and the jets of water coming out of the nozzles at the same time. A 15-minute dip in the water of the 30-34 ° C jacuzzi relaxes the muscles and improves circulation.

The relationship between man and water is as old as humanity itself. Water is an essential element of life; nowadays bathing and swimming are important tools for relaxation.
The beneficial effects of a warm bath, in addition to cleansing and hydrating the skin, are important not only for physical and mental rejuvenation, but above all because we can only deal with ourselves in these minutes and reduce fatigue in the tired muscles – bathing is one of the keys to achieving good condition. important station.



In our infrared sauna, 80 percent of the heat transmitted by infrared rays is concentrated directly in the body, while in a traditional sauna it is only 20 percent. The temperature of 35-55 C ° in the sauna cabin is less stressful for the heart, the inhaled air does not burn, and since it penetrates deep under the epidermis of the skin, it can be much better than in traditional saunas. The infrared sauna provides a pleasant experience for those who do not like the high temperature of the Finnish sauna or the humid air of the steam cabin. Relax on the heated benches and enjoy the healing, soothing and stress-relieving effects of the sauna.

Finnish sauna


In hot and dry air, bacteria and viruses are killed, and sweat removes toxins and waste products through the skin. The physiological effects of the sauna are very diverse: it improves blood circulation, regenerates blood vessels, strengthens the heart, increases the body’s resilience – thus preventing the flu, colds – beautifies the skin (rejuvenates, makes it elastic), relieves muscle cramps and even stresses it also has a dissolving effect. The effect of the increased blood circulation is to get more oxygen to the body, so it is easier to relax and regenerate. Sauna prevention and treatment at the same time. Even once a month, the effect is positive.

We provide our guests with a free sauna towel, which you can request at the reception and hand it over when you are done.

Our hotel is NOT a wellness hotel, our wellness department can be used completely free of charge, so our guests do NOT have to pay extra. This service is an extra kindness, / gratis / for the extra relaxation of our guests. No appointment can be booked in our wellness department, everyone can use it free of charge during opening hours. We CANNOT accept any complaints about any saturation, waiting, as we do not charge any fees for this service.


Cserkeszőlő Bath


All these wellness experiences can be perfectly complemented by the services of the Cserkeszőlő spa.

Heal in Cserkeszőlő at the Royal Hotel without a referral!

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Cserkeszőlő Royal Hotel = Hotel quality accommodation, boarding house prices + wellness!