Cserkeszőlő Bath and Medical Center

The biggest treasure of Cserkeszőlő is the 82 ° C thermal water, which bursts to the surface from a depth of 2311 m for more than 60 years, and the spa and beach bath built on it. Thanks to the composition of the water, it has a beneficial effect on various musculoskeletal and gynecological diseases, but those who want to relax will also find the right entertainment options for them in the adventure pool. A 2-lane canopy slide, an extra wave pool, a unique adventure pool, swimming pools, spa pools, a spa bath and a spa bath – all can be found here. An excellent spa room and medical treatments for excellent upper respiratory illnesses are available in the uniform complex, which is open every day of the year.
An integral part of the spa is the state-of-the-art medical center, which offers medical services throughout the year, which are also reimbursed by social security.

Cserkeszőlő Bath – Beach

From May to October, the uniquely designed wave pool, swimming and training pool and pool for young children provide a pleasant experience for those who enjoy swimming.

The 4.6-hectare spa and beach area is connected to the catering facilities, where hot and cold food and drinks are served, as well as an automatic bowling alley and a mini golf course.

Cserkeszőlő Bath – Winter Bath

The new three-storey winter spa building was handed over in November 2010, with 1,200 changing rooms and a 300 m2 fitness room in the basement.
The ground floor spa area houses two spa pools, one of which has an indoor swimming pool, a children’s pool, an adventure pool, a training pool and a jacuzzi. The adventure pool has a drifting corridor, a giant slide, and an exit area leading from the indoor area to the open air.
Upstairs there is a gallery with a sun lounger and a pub.

Cserkeszőlő Bath – wellness, sauna

The new sauna world has recently been handed over, with an aroma cabin, a Finnish sauna and an infrared cabin.
Wellness offers: lava stone massage, herba massage, Cleopatra’s bath, refreshing foot massage.
In Hungary, only in Cserkeszőlő is the room made of medicinal salt from Bochnia, Poland, as a climatic health resort, where the microclimate of natural salt mines is available at any time. Its walls, ceiling and floor are covered with a layer of salt.

Cserkeszőlő Bath – Prices

Detailed information, prices, opening hours on the spa’s website.

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