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What is wellness?


Wellness encompasses all activities and services that serve the development of the quality of life, physique and well-being. A lifestyle and a philosophy of life at the same time, the principle is that health is more than the absence of disease. It focuses on the harmony of body and soul, balance, confidence, and positive well-being. Medical wellness is also one of the latest trends in health tourism, combining healthy lifestyles with medical activities for which medical knowledge and supervision is a key element.

What does SPA mean?


Regarding the meaning of the word spa, the most common explanation is the abbreviation of the Latin term “sanus per aquam” or “sanitas per aquam”. This means “healthy by water,” or in other words, health derived from water. This explanation sounds very good, but it is based on a mistake. The meaning of the word is linked to a geographical location, namely the Belgian spa resort. The origin of the name of the settlement is given by a word of Walloon origin, espa, which means well.

What is a cryosauna?


This is the opposite of a traditional sauna, as it exposes the body to a temperature between -120 ° C and -170 ° C for a very short time (1 to 3 minutes).
The temperature drops from -20 degrees Celsius to -170 degrees Celsius in about 30 seconds, and then the temperature reached remains unchanged for the desired period of time. The duration of a therapy is 60-180 seconds. The full course consists of 10-20 or more occasions.

Tisza flowering


Every year around mid-June, we can admire the special wedding dance of the applicants for only a few days. Their famous swarming begins in the early evening and lasts only a few hours.

Royal gift card


A gift card is a gift certificate that you can give for any occasion to those who are important to you. Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, birthday, name day, wedding, wedding anniversary, an intimate dinner or just so…
Your loved one, family and friends will welcome you!

Accommodation of the Year


The leading tourist portal in Hungary,, has been organizing the “Accommodation of the Year” competition among accommodation establishments every year since 2013.

In 2013, the Royal Pension finished in the 1st place in the Popularity competition and also won the 2nd place in the Professional Award.

In the “Hotel of the Year 2014” competition, we again finished 1st in the popularity competition of our category, and we also won 1st place in the Professional Award.

In the “Hotel of the Year 2015” competition, we won 1st place in the Quality Award and 2nd place in the Popularity Award.

In the “Hotel of the Year 2017” competition, we won 3rd place in the popularity award

We started in the “Hotel of the Year 2018” competition in the 1-3 * hotels category and finished 2nd in the popularity competition.

Cserke Knight Days


Every year in the middle of July an event called Cserke Vitéz Napok is held in Cserkeszőlő. The three-day festival awaits visitors with traditional programs, food and drink typical of the region, a choice of Cserke Vitéz and Cserke Úrhölgy, and knight trials. Twice a day a cannon roar in front of the entrance to the Spa.

White Stork


The folk names of the white stork are gilice, cakó, kosta, gagó and Eszterág. It is a bird of prey and consumes a wide variety of species; prey on insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, smaller mammals and birds. Monogamous because the couples don’t stay together for the rest of their lives, but the couple builds the nest together from twigs that they then use for years. The hen usually lays four eggs, which hatch in 33 to 34 days. The parents take turns spawning and both feed their chicks. The puppies fly out at the age of 58-64 days, after which the parents feed them for another 7-20 days.

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