Downloadable notification form

Our dear guest!

Have you ever been that way?


 After a long, tiring journey, one arrives at the accommodation and has every desire to finally relax. What to expect instead?
– Good day! Please fill in the application form!
The search begins. Where are my glasses, where’s my ID? When you have finally managed to complete everything, you still need to listen to the receptionist’s information about the most important information, e.g. when, where is breakfast, where and for how long can you have lunch or dinner, where can you park, where is the wellness area, how far is the spa, is it free to smoke, how long do you have to leave the room on departure, how to pay , etc.? All the important information you want to know, but now you can’t remember it at the same time.


We want to help you with that!


Before you leave, you can download the application form at home, which you can fill in conveniently, and on arrival you have no choice but to hand it over to the receptionist and you can already pick up your room key and start your well-deserved rest.
We have also collected the most important information for you during the announcement, please read it carefully!

So what to do?

1. Download and print the application form. Every person has to fill it out!
2. Fill in the correct information. (Please fill in in block letters)
3. Read the most important information carefully!
4. Don’t forget to bring it with you and hand it over at the reception!

You can download the notification form by clicking here.

The notifier must be completed for each person!

Don’t have a printer at home?

In this case

1. Click here to download the editable Word format notifier
2. Open a word processing program, e.g. Word
3. Fill in the fields as appropriate, then save to your computer
4. Send it to the hotel email address as an email attachment and we will print it out.
5. You only need to sign on arrival.

The editable notifier can be downloaded by clicking on lapotide.

The notifier must be completed for each person!

Downloadable notification form (pdf)

Downloadable editable notification form (doc)

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